Shackled City Journal

2010-04-27: The Broken Statue

We travel down stream to the statue. Before we have time to land we were attacked by several Gnolls which we easily defeat. We enter the jungle following a clear path. After we pass a small cave whose occupant is a Grey Render the track becomes harder to follow. We settle down for the night and eat some dinner the the forrest suddenly goes quiet.  Nirdrama

The leaves part an a figure enters the small clearing where we have set up camp. It is a women with white skin and silver hair and wings and holding a flaming sword. Her name is Nirdrama a good Outsider, probably a dieva. She is here to help us and tell us to find the quarter staff of Alacast to help us in the battle against the demons and devils.

The next day we discover a large metal pipe 6m in diameter. In the lack of options we enter. We follow the directions of the Hegemonic Plate and after the last bend we hear a rumbling noise and the smell of s sulphur. Suddenly the pipe ends and we sets out into a crater that is warm and stinks of sulphur with brown and yellow clouds.

Araviel de Sardo

Hegemonic Plate

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2009-08-23: Leander

Vi stöter på ett några legoknektar som jobbar för 'The Blue Duke'. Vi tvingas döda en av dem och den andre tar vi med oss till förhör. Det verkar även finnas en

När vi ska avlämna den den levande träffar vi trubaduren [Leander]för första gången. Han har fått jobb av Captain of the guard, Terleon Skellerang, att hjälpa oss med de vidare undersökande.

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2009-06-08: Exploration continues

Ilf Zaug — Anno 090608

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2009-05-03: Loot selling and decent in to the pit

We collect all our finds and take a tour selling most of it earning a lot of silver.'

Ilf Zaug Anno 20090503

We descend into the pit we found…

Ilf Zaug — Anno 090505

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2009-02-22: Further exploration

We found one metal rod with the rune “D” on it presumably some kind a key

In an automaton we find a “A” key

In a room unlocked by the “A” key we find a “R” key

Ilf Zaug — Anno 090222

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2009-02-15: Jzadirune

We returns to ghael_s_locks

a gnome architect build a enclave under the city. An safehaven frr gnomes

For 75 years the enclave was infected by a magical disease.

Familiar rat Starbrow 12 coper masks gives First room with two doors to the left with one gnome rune each. The closed one to the right have the gnome letter “J” inscribed on it And the half open door to the left have the letter “A” inscribed.

In the coridor straight ahead is a third door with the rune “Z” inscribed.

Ilf Zaug — Anno 090215

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2009-02-14: The Kidnap Victims

We return to the orphanage to ask about Kheygan Gelv the locksmith. He seems to have a shop near the Blue Crater Academy. After a short search we found ourselves outside ghelve_s_locks.

We asked Ghelve for information about the locks and he didn't admit to anything.

To continue our search we decided to examine the circumstances surrounding the the other abductions therefore we proceed to the West Gate to talk to the gate guard Zeb. He pointed us to sergant Benteen at the Town Guard Barracks.

The sergeant told us that 25 people have gone missing over the last 88 nights. 2-6 people are involved. Both small and large humanoids. We asked of a list of all the people missing and he kindly provided one, and a list of their locations as well.

We went on to visit one of the closest places where there was a report of a missing person, Callum Sunnyrush at the Tipped Tankard. During subtle interrogation the bar master reviles that he believes that en evil cult is responsible, and that Callum was abducted from a locked rent room in the middle of the night. The locks was made by ghelve_s_locks.

Ilf Zaug — Anno 090214

List of the kidnapped victims

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The Last Laugh beats up Rufus

2009-02-08: First visit to Cauldron

After an overnight stop at the Lucky Monkey. I identify some of the magic items that we found before we travel forth to Cauldron.

We say hi to Zeb, the old gate guard, as we enter through the West Gate. On the way to my house we here screams for help and as we rush towards the screaming we encounter three people beating up some one. The assailant's have there faces painted in black and white, the sign of The Last Laugh and they flee as we approach, interrupting them it seems.

The battered man turn out to be Rufus of Tyr and is a friend to the golden man and the elf. He was investigating the abduction of four children. The assaulter's wanted him to stop looking, and not just mugging him as it first looked like.

We escort Rufus back to the Church of Tyr where we met Jenya, the highest ranking priest present, and Alek the chief paladin. The high priest is out on a mission somewhere. Jenya asks for our help finding the kidnapped children. After I hear about the reward I gladly accept the commission, as do my other traveling companions although I believe the reasoning for doing so is different, at least for some of them.

Riddle presented by Jenya Jenya presents all the facts she have gathered so far. Four children have been kidnapped from the Church of Tyr's children's home, Lantern Street Orphanage. There where no signs of a brake in. Several other kidnappings have taken place recently as well. She have promised that the church would find these children. And under the pressing circumstances she had used a divination device of some kind that normally only the high priest were allowed to use. And as expected the outcome was cryptic giving no obvious starting point. Hopefully the riddle she presented will shed more light as we uncover more information.

I have started compiling a new document with all useful information on this case. I will continue to add all further findings there as well. I have titled the document — Missing Children.

Ilf Zaug — Anno 090208

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A Divination givs us the following cryptic statement:

Cages above and bones below
Death the door and magic the key
Knives but dust and souls the prize

Several Speak with the Dead gave the following answers.

  • The Invisible Wizardis: Kenock Brage
  • Temple of Jergal are involved
  • Huge building in the South East.
  • Building is Made in Black Volcanic Rock
  • Head of Current Church: Ike Iversson
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2010-10-17 Cauldron

We are back in Cauldron and hear of a great deal of disturbing news. The Lord Mayor is missing. The temple of Jergal have started to build on the height. They are trying to prevent the the morning light to reach the Temple of Lathanter.

We have information that the Cagewrites are behind the events in cauldron.

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2010-06-01: Inside

The Halfdragon Priest Snyder The Halfdragon Warrior Ravus We pass the slain giant and enter the evil sphere and encounter a Hydra that we dispatch of quickly. Further in we have to take care of a stone Golem. Not an easy task I tell you. You want to be prepared. As we explore we also encounter some undead, that Behrel turns to dust in an instant, and more minions of the dragon goddess. The final room is a large chamber with a sphere hovering in the center of it.

There are two half dragons that we manage to take down an as we think we are safe. A man from a third party enters and flies to the sphere. Before we have time to stop him he brings forth a rod adorned with a malicious claw and start to chant. The the incantation is finished he strikes the sphere with the claw and the sphere opens. From the mist inside emerges a large red dragon who starts to cast powerful necromantic magic. To sure of my self I try to counter the dragons magic, and disaster strikes. First it kills my familiar, Todil, and in a moment later then I am befitted by rage my magic fails me and the dragon slays me as well.

As the fight continues a man in cloak enters, He wears a brown robe with a smoking eye sigil, The dragon lures the other members close by and releases another spell that paralyses all but Behrel and the robed man, who at last manage to take down the dragon with powerful cold magic. The paralyzation holds for several minutes. Behrel and the robed man quickly moves everybody to the landing platform.

Looking down that is clear that the Stars is much further from the ground and we hope that the fly potions not will go out before we land

Araviel de Sardo – In spirit

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2010-05-25: The Star

A Star fell from the sky. We travelled to investigate as it lands in the direction we are traveling. We learn that the Dragon goddess is interested. and that her followers seeks something powerful contained within.

Then we approach there is a huge icon sphere that is hovering over a deep impact crater. Then we approach we are attacked by acid spitting black ors that we take care of.

On the orcs we find flying potions that we use to travel to the iron sphere. On the landing we face a frost Gigant.

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2010-05-11: Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me ...

Mirror, mirror on the wall Fight! We find a room with our sought after paladin. On the wall is a five sided mirror. As we approach the paladin changes to a humanoid lice glass creature that attacks. Through the mirror 4 more creatures appear. They were easily crushed but the wounds they give were bleeding heavily. Then the fight is over we backtrack to try to find somewhere to rest before entering into the mirror.

In the first room that seems promising we are attacked by six-legged undead. And the fight is on!

Araviel de Sardo

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2010-05-09: Angels

Just then our fight agains the giants is over we hear bels and jingles and 3 angels with wings enter. The offer us the drink of the goods in a golden chalice. The only one to accept is Gael. He feel enormously invigorated and wants us other to drink but we politely decline. The angels takes us deeper inside to a fountain and ensure us that it is safe to drink and rest. Twich seems to take a mun full and tries to leave though one of the doors as fire erupts. The door was trapped.

The Angels turn invisible and flees through an other exit. We pursue and manage to put them to rest, but not before they manage to confuse almost the hole party. All hell breaks loose and I am forced to retreat until the utter chaos has subsided.

The angels turns back to their original form upon death. Green winged ugly witches.

Araviel de Sardo

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2010-05-04: More Giants

We encounter more giants of different types.

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2010-05-02: Gigants

We decide to take the upper path it leads pass 2 huge pipes from floor to ceiling. past the pipes we find an opening into the Daemon scar and a huge door.

Lock'thack demonstrates his mighty strength and drags the circular 1600 lb door aside. In the chamber inside we battle three Hill giants. Twitch takes a mighty blow and drops unconscious but our mighty healer Behrel takes care of his injuries. And after a short fight we emerge victorious.

Beyond the giant cave we fins a smooth corridor with light from the ceiling. There is a door which rices into the ceiling as soon we come near it. Beyond the door we encounter a two-headed giants.

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The tor

2009-02-04: The Tor presents a surprise

As the huge rats attack everyone springs to action. Everyone draw their weapons except the human who in a mighty voice eagers us on in the battle ahead, giving us of his strength in his faith in the morning lord. We quickly dispatch of the rats through canny teamwork.

We decide that we must explore these three newly opened doorways before we can settle down again. The gnome decides she will stay behind guarding our backs making sure no one will enter through the main entrance or attack us from the rear from one of the unexplored openings.

During our exploration we comes across a trapped chest, two bugbears, a undead huge warrior of some kind, a large spider and some kind of impish looking creature. The trapped chest got the better on two of us but was relieved of its treasure. The golden man and the wood elf dispatched the bugbears quite easily. Then the Lathandrian was the hero then we defeated the undead warrior by holding it a bay with his faith while the golden man bare down on it. The wood elf was the mastermind in defeating the spider first he discovered the trapping net covering the entrance to the room where the spider resided. Secondly he showed us his might with his bow killing the spider in a single shoot after it had reviled it self by webbing me to the wall. The impish thing let out a unnerving shriek when we neared its lair, making some of us hesitant. Not me though as a ran up to it ramming my dagger thought it killing it instantly.

The treasure found was plentiful, several hundred silver coins, a large mace of master work quality and a couple of magical items.

As we settled once more the Lathandrian offered to healed our wounds and we gladly accepted his offer. The wood elf skillfully prepared the rats and grilled them over the fire. They tasted quite different from what I'm used to but still eatable. I don't think I would have accepted it if it weren't from the rush the afternoon had presented.

Ilf Zaug — Anno 090204

2019-06-11 23:34

The tor

2009-02-02: Protection from the weather is sought in a large tor

A storm drives in with hard rain and lightning it must be the work of the storm lord. I spot a large tor in an opening ahead and hurries toward it. As I approach lightning strikes the tor and as my eyes recovers a see an opening in the side of the tor. I enter in hope that it will provide shelter from the weather. Most important though is that it isn't inhabited. The tor seems empty so I enter and settle my self against one of the walls in the large room that opens up inside. I start sorting through my herbal finds but is interrupted when I feel cold steel against my throat.

– Is that worn to scorn true followers or are you truly a follower? Someone whisper who has obviously noticed my Lathandrian symbol

– I is a true believer of the morning lord. Please don't kill me. I reply.

– So, when can a drow… though half… be trusted?

– Yes. I'm but a humble scholar trying to make a living.

Our conversation is interrupted then two figures enter. A huge man with a golden skin and a noticeable air, and in his shadow lurks a nasty looking wood elf. I call out for help to the that to the man who to my relief bear a symbol of Helm. Before he can reply we are interrupted again. This time it a man in worn clothing. A symbol of the morning lord hangs around his neck. He starts chanting at which time the wood elf explodes into action drawing two short swords in a swift flowing move and closes the distance between them in a heart beat. Before anyone realizes what has happened the sword cross the rugged mans throat. Time seems to stop in anticipation of what is about to happen. Finally the Golden man says.

– Let him go he poses no threat and carries no evil with him.

He turns toward me and my stealthy captor and adjudge.

– Neither do they.

The wood elf sheathe his sword's and retreats. The threatened man continues his chant and as he finish a bright light emanates from his mace letting him see what everybody else is already aware of.

The golden man manages somehow to subside the building tension. Several minutes later my captor finally realizes that there is more dangerous to remain hostile than to release me. To my surprise my cloaked captor seems to be a small girl, but things don't add up. Her stealth, strength and indisputable skill with the blade makes her something else. Probably a female gnome but not a regular gnome and neither a svirfneblin. A mystery needs to be solved.

The human gets a fire going and we settle around it. Suddenly the earth shakes as several lightnings seem to strike the tor simultaneously. We hear several large stones shatters against the floor. Then our eyes and ears have recovered some we can see that three stone door have collapsed leaving open doorways to tunnels beyond.

Before anyone have time to react, three huge frenzy rats emerges from one of the openings, and charge.

Ilf Zaug — Anno 090202

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