Curse of the Crimson Throne


  • Fate of Steel – Serithtial
  • Her cage for years sustained
  • Four enthralled in lost Scarwall;
  • Undead to keep her chained.
  • A spirit first, red war his thirst
  • Still stands at post of old;
  • A second foe, infernal soul
  • Waits high in tower cold.
  • In kennel’s grime third bides his time
  • Then vents his killing breath.
  • And on a stone ‘mid ash and bone,
  • The final dreams of death.
  • The spirits worn and battletorn
  • And locked in their damnation,
  • The chained one’s hold at last grows old
  • And usher’s in salvation.
  • Yet hope remains amid the chains
  • When blade’s stone cage has crumbled,
  • Friends to dread and the death of the dead,
  • Keys to Kazavon humbled.



A card is found in my pocket.

2019-06-11 23:34


New Quest is in the beginning.

2019-06-11 23:34