Name: Zonk Bladebearer

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 20
Charisma: 15
Comeliness: 13

Race: Half-orc
Age: 21
Height: 6'3 (190 cm)
Weight: 190 lbs (85,5 kg)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Worshipper of: Gorum
Class: Cleric (Holy warrior) 14
Languages: Orc, Taldane
Description: Tall and dark with rather handsome
and manly features. The only hint of his ancestry is
a slight greyish hint to his skin colour.
Base saves: 9/4/10

Skill Ranks Placed Synergy
& Feats
L 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Total
Heal 1 1
Knowledge Religion 1 1
Sense motive 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10
Spellcraft 1 1
Swim 1 1
Hit Points (no Con) 11 10 4 9 5 6 9 3 5 3 5 6 6 9 91


  • Selective Channelling (lvl 1)
  • Heavy Armour Proficiency (lvl 3)
  • Power Attack (lvl 5)
  • Extra Channelling (lvl 7)
  • Weapon Focus (lvl 9)
  • Furious Focus (lvl 11)
  • Critical Focus (lvl 13)


  • Level 0 (4): Create Water, Detect magic, Read Magic, Stabilize
  • Level 1 (6): 3xShield of faith, 1xBless, 0xDivine favor, 2xCure light
  • Level 2 (6): 1xBear's Endurance, 2xLesser restoration, 1xSilence, 2xCure moderate
  • Level 3 (5): 2xMagic vestment, 1xMagic Circle against Evil, 0xCure disease, 1xCure Serious, 1xPrayer
  • Level 4 (5): 1xDivine power, 2xGreater Magic Weapon, 2xRestoration, 0xDeath ward
  • Level 5 (4): 2xRighteous might, 0xDisrupting Weapon, 0xDispel Evil, 2xSpell Resistance
  • Level 6 (4): 3xHeal, 1xHero's feast
  • Level 7 (2): 2xSummon monster

Channel energy

7 x 7d6 (DC 19 for half)


  • Copper: 10
  • Silver: 6
  • Gold: 2225

Mundane items

  • 1 weeks rations

Magic Items

  • Ring of protection +1
  • Full plate +1
  • Cloak of resistance +2
  • Gorumskagat (Greatsword +1, Anarchic, Grayflame)
  • Amulet of natural armour +1
  • Belt of giant strength +4
  • Wand of Cure Moderate wounds, charges: 28
  • Wand of Create Water, charges: 42
  • Boots of striding and springing
  • Headband wisdom +2
  • Scabbard of keen edge, 3 times/day
  • Potions
    • 0 Cure Light (1d8+1)
    • 3 Cure Moderate (2d8+3)
    • 5 Cure Serious (3d8+5)
    • 3 Potion of Remove Disease
    • 1 Potion of True Healing
    • 1 Elixir of Truth


Zonk’s childhood was very tough. His orc father Grub was as all devote followers of Gorum; thirsty for battle and blood. When not out pillaging and raping, he honed his skilled in daily battles with his clan members, even though not usually with deadly outcome, always with real weapons. Zonk’s mother was a human farmer’s wife that became a victim of a raid. She was a sturdy woman that managed to survive the life of an orc mate. She wasn’t treated too badly, and the situation was ended quite quickly since she died during labour giving birth to Zonk. Zonk was perceived as a weak child and was beaten severely both by his father and the other children. His rather soft mannerism (for being an orc) and his comely appearance made him many friends with the females of the clan, so he managed to survive through offerings of healing and extra food the first years of his life. As he grew older he also gained in size and strength and finally started to gain the respect of the male clan members. Just before coming of age so he could join his clan members on their raids, the clan was attacked by a group of humans. It was a massive battle as the orcs desperately tried to defend themselves. The orcs’ greater numbers swayed the battle and it seemed like they would be successful in defending their home. In the end there was but two humans left alive fighting back to back and singing a mystical battle hymn. The humans fought with unnatural stamina and the brutal carnage struck a note in Zonk’s heart. With every orc that fell victim to the humans’ vicious greatswords, Zonk could feel the burden of his battered soul lessen. Zonk’s father was the last orc to fall. As he was pressed back by the frantic slashing of the humans’, Zonk suddenly came to life. He picked up a club and ran screaming towards the battle. His father turned to see what was going on, leading with his axe. As the axe struck Zonk in the gut, Zonk’s club connected with Grub’s forehead…and everything went black.

When Zonk woke up he was laying on a stone slab in a small shrine. A human was tending to his wounds. Speaking orc, the human presented himself as Andrezi Bladebearer, priest of Gorum. He offered Zonk the option of surrender or a quick death. Zonk gladly swore fealty to the priest and his church.

The coming few months were fraught with lessons of how to “be” a human; lessons more pressing than how to be a servant of the church. Apart from learning the language, Zonk had no sense for how to behave properly while interacting with people. Even though fairly humanlike in appearance, his lack of manners would impede his new life among the humans. Though not quick of thought, Zonk was a willing pupil and eager to learn. Most of these lessons were taught by the other warrior that had battled the orcs; a charismatic skald and devote follower of Gorum.

Andrezi was quick to acknowledge Zonk’s willingness to learn as true zealousy and grew quite fond of the boy. On the anniversary of the “rescue”, Andrezi officially adopted Zonk and had him move in with his wife and daughter. A few years passed and life grew from a struggle to something quite enjoyable. Daily battle and priestly training was mixed with regular family life. At the age of 17 it all came crushing down though. He took his mother Mirela and younger sister Violetta to the market and Zonk came along as protection. Not that it was expected to be dangerous in any way, but more as part of his daily shores. It was a beautiful day and the market was bustling with activity. Zonk had developed quite a connection with Violetta and since she had been but a toddler when he moved in, they were in fact as siblings. At the end of the day a brawl erupted in the idle of the market. It was apparently a drama concerning adultery that was being played out and Zonk watched with glee at the drunken men’s clumsy brawl. After a few minutes it was all over and when Zonk turned to look for the others, Violetta was nowhere to be found. Over the buzz of the market he could suddenly hear the shrill shriek of Mariela as she too noticed that the child was gone.

They both looked for an hour before Mariela returned home to seek help. They continued the search for a week but to no avail. Zonk, feeling guilty for the disaster, has kept up with his investigation on his free time and has learned that there has been quite a few children going missing the last couple of years. The only name he’s heard whispered on the streets is Gaedren Lamm and Zonk has sworn an oath to make him pay or die trying.