Strength: 6 
Dexterity: 17 
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 21
CMS: 17
Race: Half-Elf (Varisian)
Age: 22
Height:178 cm
Weight:71 kg
Alignment: Neutral
Class: Sorcerer LvL 9


Headband of CHA +2
Light crossbow +1
Ring of protection +1
Cloak of res +1
Ring of evasion
Wand lvl 0 28 acid splash
Wand lvl 1 4 magic missile
wand lv1 1 12 endure elements
Wand lvl 2 46 ghoul touch
Wand lvl 2 10 cats grace
3 potions - Cure moderate 2d8+3
1 potion - Lesser restoration
1 potion - Delay posion
1 potion - Cure serious 3d8+5
Bottle of air
1 scroll of blur
2 Scrolls - clairvoyance
2 Scrolls - Sending
2 Scrolls - Dimensional Door
Elixir of love
Dust of appearance


Detect Magic
Read Magic
Mage hand

Feather Fall
Mage Armor
Enlarge Person
Magic missile

Scorching Ray
See Invisibility
Mirror Image
Resist Energy
Glitter Dust

Dispell Magic

Greater Invisibility
Black Tentacles
Elemental Body


Merisiel Silverleaf had a strong iron will but lived a hard life with her husband Daeron who was frequently beating her if she didn't obey his commands. She was highly ranked in her group because she was a very important sorceress. However, she did not share her secret with others because she was afraid that more problems would arise because her husband could sometimes be dangerous.

She wanted to have children but not her children to have such a dreadful man as a father, and therefore didn't dare to reveal her secret and could not even trust anyone fully. As a result, she made the decision to flee. She met another man named Zandu Shardo who lived in the city Korvosa. They got on well together and had two children, Zyriah and Zyraliel were born.

Zyriah was a rascal and did a lot of pranks with neighbors and others and was always trying to blame others and managed to cause serious problems for other people and even his own mother. Often, he was very cocky but could be a coward and let others be responsible for his naughty actions when things went badly. His sister was more like her mother. Merisiel tried to pass on his magic skills to her children and remarkably, Zyriah was talented. Unfortunately, he didn't do was he was told. Instead he abused his magic skills for other bad purposes, such as more worse pranks but Zyriah laughed, loved it and was very happy.

Peace and joy usually don't last forever. When Zyriah was 13 years Zandu was poisoned an assassinated. Merisiel burst into despair and fear that it was her old husband who managed to find them. She was also afraid that Daeron could not accept a half-breed which was not Daeron's own son. She made a decision that would protect her children, took a stand and sent her children to an orphanage and tried to clear up her business once and for all. The plan was to reunite later.

Zyriah had a difficult time to adapt at the orphanage and was a problem child. He loved her sister but thought it was for a good cause to run away in order to get money so he could get out his sister later as well. He successfully escaped and lived a very hard life at first and began to do errands for the city's dregs. This led to Zyriah started taking drugs and selling drugs to make money. It was always a thrill but Zyriah did not realize the consequences. Sometimes he got beaten up badly and one time he almost died, lying there on the ground, while the rain was pissing on him, in a twisted, disoriented, alienated and shattered world beyond everything because of an overdose. It took a while before he was set free from drugs, but the fact was, he still needed money. Zyriah soon realized his talent to charm and seduce younger women and that was his salvation when he often got help. He sometimes felt guilty what he did, but deep inside he still loved it. He made a promise to himself that one day, he could pay back his favours in return.

Some time later he is back on his feet. Although Zyriah is very confident, he is still extremely careful in some situations. But once he has advantage, he strikes with a nasty grin on his face, as long as it favours him in one way or another. he rarely trusts people and Sometimes he looks down at others dispite his background but is still a person who can be trustworthy and loyal to his few good friends.