Treasures Found

Brooch (collected from Hans Jinkerst, the “Roadwarden” at The Hooded Man)
Potion of Strength (S +2 for d6×10 turns = 10–60 minutes)
Four rubies (worth 40–60 GC each)
Valerian, 9 doses (restores 1 Wound point to lightly wounded characters)
Salwort, 2 doses (rejuvenates a stunned character, provided that he makes a successful Toughness test)
Handkerchief embroidered with monogram “F.S.”
Ulthar’s journal
Two grappling hooks
Two 10 metre coils of rope


1 Gold Crown = 20 Silver Shillings; 1 Silver Shilling = 12 Brass Pennies.

Gold Crowns 120
Silver Shillings 360
Brass Pennies 26