8th of Marpenoth

The Fisher's Friend Inn in Loudwater

“Ahh THEY whisper again.In the dark I hear them. Blood they wants. They wait in the cornfields. Yess we followed the trail of death to the Fisher's Friend Inn. Some people here, but not many. The Bear-lump smells of blood as always…ahhhh. The Crackling one with his spike too, must hump his leg later. Soft-Hands with the soothing voice stands at the bar, yesss. SHE smells good as always, even though SHE is smaller now, mmm must smell her behind now. Smells roasted chicken from kirchen, makes me hungry. Bloood, bloood, THEY whisper, soon my lords, soon we will pay you tribute. Hmmm a drunken dwarf lies at a table, maybe I can get some coins from him? Damnation! The inn-keep spots me…. We go upstairs, sneakily. We prepare for a fight, I hope we will spill much blood! Soft-hands sneaks up and listens at the door. Mr Hairy wants to rise, but I hold him in check, I give Bear-lump a toothy grin. Soft-hands knocks on the door, another bear-lump opens. They talk and then they go in. What is this? No spilling of blood? Hmm must creep up and see if I can spill some anyways. Ahhh yes, the chilly bear-lump wants to fight! I call for the power of the storm! Then I rush in! AAAAAAAAHHH The Pain, But delicious blood is spilt! Even though it is mine own. No matter. Hmmm I smell a strong woman, must smell her behind later.”

Ramblings of a disturbed mind (to be continued…by someone else maybe)