28 april–1 maj 2017 (Gottcon 13)

While looking for work and information in Zobeck, we are contacted by a business woman called Terelsa Garlook. She wants us to bring her a special kind of honey, made from the Purple Flower and manufactured by a person who lives somewhere within the Old Margreve. In return for the honey, Terelsa has instructed us to offer this person a ring of Protection.

The valuable honey is rumored to be an elixir of youth of some kind.

On our way through the forest we manage to help a troubled landlord at the last inn. A sleepwalker without knowing it, he has obviously been swindled by his own staff for years. Gerhard sends them packing. The landlord cannot tell us anything about the honey, but gives us directions to a recluse old woman living in the area.

Further down the track, an ettercap suddenly jumps us. Fortunately, we have been able to anticipate the attack. We kill the creature quickly.

9–12 juni 2016 (Gottcon 10)

We defeat the Hollow Man and its master, the tree with the singing heads.

Leaving Levoća, we set off for Zobeck. It is the nearest city and a week’s travel away.

19–22 mars 2015 (Gottcon 6)

The village of Levoća.

The Hollow Man.

A headless body.