Northen Moutains



Brevoy (pronounced BRE-voy) is a nation in far northeastern Avistan on the verge of tearing itself apart. The political entity known as Brevoy was once two vastly different nations locked in a constant state of war before being conquered by a despot. After centuries under the rule of a line of conquerors that only recently disappeared, Brevoy must now decide its own destiny.

Being so far north, winters are long and harsh. The short spring and summer seasons require the populace to farm and fish just enough to keep food on the table.

House Medvyed is a noble house of Brevoy that holds authority over the eastern lands that border and contain the Icerime Peaks and Gronzi Forest. They have maintained the traditions of worshiping nature, the “Old Way”. Lord Gurev Medyed heads the Stoneclimb-based house.

The people of the area raise mountain goats and sheep. They hunt in the forest and farm what little good land is on the edges of their concerns. Religion in this area tends to be more centralized on Erastil, but rumors of hidden shrines to Lamashtu do exist.

The house crest is a black bear with black antlers above its head in front of a red field. Their motto is “Endurance Overcomes All”.

Stoneclimb is a fortress along the eastern side of the Icerime Peaks in Brevoy. It is south of Skywatch and it is in the north of lands controlled by House Medvyed and from where that House lives and rules.

Size: Large town
Population: 2,244


After years of training and testing (and then training some more) the War Academy has finally sent you on a field assignment. As exemplary graduates of the exclusive Adventurer Training School, you have prepared to take command of your own destiny. Your glorious new careers begin tomorrow. But first, report to the Chief of the Highland Wolverines for a briefing.

Greetings and welcome to the Glacier Region. Thank you for volunteering to assist the military. We are beginning a very large operation on every front and need all of the help we can get. We have a very important mission for you. We need you to occupy the outpost at Ranger Fort Hill. You must raise our flag there on the first day and fly it high for seven days. Your assignment begins at dawn, zero hour. The regular army will transport you by boat to the other side of Cold Lake. Our scouts report goblin activity in the area. Expect light but organized resistance. The army, my rangers, and your fellow scholars at the academy have all made arrangements to communicate with you throughout the week. Make contact with the support team at the rendezvous (the boat landing) each morning at dawn. Military leadership has classified your mission as top secret, high priority, and a vital part of the larger operation, which also begins at zero hour. We are going “all in” on this one. So, you must not fail and can not retreat. Good luck, and may all of the gods judge you well.