Konrad Fell

Strength 20
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 13 → Comeliness 12 (average appearance)

Race Human (Shoanti/Chelaxian)
Age 22
Height 6′3″ (190 cm)
Weight 176 lbs (80 kg)
Alignment Chaotic Good (acts as his conscience directs him)
Worshiper of Erastil (farming, hunting, trade, family)
Class Ranger 11
Languages Taldane, Shoanti, Goblin


Two hunting knives (one on belt behind back, one hidden inside right boot)
Longbow (crafted by Jeb Hosk and recovered at his murder site, it was patched together by Konrad who now keeps it in memory of his dead friend)
Quiver with 20 arrows
Animal traps and cages
Book of erotic drawings (a gift from Chask Haladan, owner of the Curious Goblin bookshop in Sandpoint)
Cold-weather outfit
Flint and steel
Hooded lantern
Inkpen and ink
Rope (50 feet)
Small shovel (if used in combat, treat as an improvised weapon equal to a club)

Magic Items

Two handaxes +1
Composite longbow +1
9 × Arrow +1 Flaming burst
Chain shirt +2 (dipped in red paint)
Amulet of Natural armor +1
Ring of Protection +1
Belt of Giant strength +4
Cloak of Resistance +2

2 × Cure light wounds 1d8+4
Cure moderate wounds 2d8+3
2 × Tree shape


Platinum 0
Gold 218
Silver 3
Copper 0


Skill ranks placed123456789101112131415Total
*Climb 11111111111 11
Handle animal
*Heal 11111111111 11
Knowledge (dungeoneering)
Knowledge (geography)
*Knowledge (local) 11111111111 11
Knowledge (nature)
*Perception 11111111111 11
*Profession (hunter) 11111111111 11
*Stealth 11111111111 11
*Survival 11111111111 11
*Swim 11111111111 11

Special Abilities



Favored son
Belor Hemlock, Sandpoint’s no-nonsense arm of the law, is like the uncle Konrad never had. The benefits of being close friends with the town sheriff are extensive, and Konrad can call in favors from him once per game session. A favor can either get Konrad out of a legal jam, hook him up with a town guard for help, or give him a one-time +10 bonus on a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check made against any local person. Konrad also has a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (local) checks, and Knowledge (local) is always a class skill for him.

Growing up in the unforgiving wilds often forced Konrad to subsist on food and water from doubtful sources. He has built up his mettle as a result and has a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves.


Caster level 8*

3 × L1 spell, 2 × L2 spell, and 1 × L3 spell per day from the ranger spell list*

Sample level 1 spells
Aspect of the Falcon
Gravity bow
Hunter’s howl
Lead blades √√

Sample level 2 spells
Arrow eruption
Bear’s endurance
Cat’s grace
Cure light wounds
Owl’s wisdom

Sample level 3 spells
Cure moderate wounds
Instant enemy
Neutralize poison
Remove disease
Water walk

√ = Always prepared during daily meditation unless stated otherwise.


“From now on I see a Licktoad, I kill it. So run you little devil. And tell the other devils justice is coming. You tell them I am coming!”

Konrad Fell was born twenty-two years ago in a Shoanti camp just outside Sandpoint, the illegitimate child of a Shiikirri-Quah tribeswoman and a visiting Chelaxian merchant, who by then was a long time gone. From an early age, Konrad learned to live off the land and eventually grew up to become a trapper. He has several trap lines spread out across the wilderness surrounding Sandpoint, deep in the woods as well as on the many cliffs and sandbanks. He owns a small cabin north of town. He visits Sandpoint regularly to buy supplies and sell his pelts, usually to Larz Rovanky, the busy owner of Rovanky Tannery on Undercliff Way.

Konrad stopped smiling five years ago when his best friend and mentor Jeb was killed in an ambush in Brinestump Marsh. The murderer was never found. Some say it was Jervis Stoot, the infamous Chopper, but in Konrad’s nightmares his friend is cut to pieces by snickering goblins, a race that Konrad believes is an abomination against nature and has a deep hatred for. “The only good gobbo is a dead gobbo”, like poor ol’ Jeb used to say. Ironically, Jeb was the younger brother of Daviren Hosk, a retired ranger in Sandpoint who obsessively collects goblin ears and nails them to his barn as trophies.

Born a half-breed, Konrad looks more like a traditional hunter than a Shoanti tribesman. He dresses in leather and fur, and is usually seen with a pair of slender axes and a large hunting knife on his belt. He walks with a slight limp after stepping into one of his own traps, an embarrassing incident he just wants to forget and never mentions to anyone.

Konrad is a serious young man who often broods over the past and the reasons why he is a bastard son with an unknown father. He has a small leather journal where he sometimes jots down his thoughts, feelings, and failings. His features being more Chelaxian than Shoanti, he is often mistrusted and even shunned by members of his own tribe. He has few friends and prefers the company of animals, even when they are in cages, more than people. Besides Taldane, he speaks his Shoanti native tongue, preferring the latter when making the daily small talk with his captured quarry.

Konrad worships his dead mother (“who was a saint”), resents the poor excuse for a man who abandoned them, and admires Belor Hemlock, the town sheriff and originally a member of the Shiikirri-Quah tribe as well.

As a boy, Konrad often heard the old folks speak about trolls lurking around the camp, vile creatures that would sometimes come out at night, kidnap babies and raise them as their own. Meant to be fairy tales, the stories sounded awfully real to Konrad, who was a sensitive child with a vivid imagination. Even today, he shudders every time he comes across a large and sinister-looking rock in the forest, or at the sudden glimpse of strangely deformed faces in ancient tree trunks.