Church of Lathander

 Symbol of Lathander

  • High Priest of Lathander: Crystof Jurgensen

Crystof Jurgensen is now the high priest of the church of Lathander in Cauldron because he's the only priest alive. He had three senior priest's but they died recently, presumably of old age.


Strive always to aid, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all humankind and its allies. It is a sacred duty to foster new growth, nurture growing things, and work for rebirth and renewal. Perfect yourself, and be fertile in mind and body. Wherever you go, plant seeds of hope, new ideas, and plans for a rosy future in the minds of all. Watch each sunrise. Consider the consequences of your actions so that your least effort may bring the greatest and best reward. Avoid negativity, for from death comes life, and there is always another morning to turn a setback into a success. Place more importance in activities that help others than in strict adherence to rules, rituals, and the dictates of your seniors.

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