Wilhelm Feifer

“I have met your goddess. I wouldn’t pee on her if her heart was on fire.”

Wilhelm Feifer, or just Feif, is a bounty hunter from the Borderlands. As a boy, he was considered different and bullied by his older siblings. His only friend was his grandmother, a peculiar old woman who lived by herself in a small cabin not far away. His parents were stout farmers, but Feif knew there had to be more to life than cattle and corn, or squirrel when the harvest failed and there was nothing else to eat.

During a cold and exceptionally harsh winter, he found out that his beloved grandmother had died of starvation, alone in her rocking chair. Feif felt no reason to stay any longer. Against his father’s will, he left home when he was fifteen to carve out a new future for himself. Indifferent to his mother’s tears and without remorse, he slammed the door shut behind him and walked away in the snow.

Now a man in his early forties, Feif has traveled and seen most of the kingdom and worked for a large number of different employers. He is unsentimental and sometimes ruthless, as he makes a point of never getting emotionally concerned with the people he brings in. With a haunting memory of always being poor as a child, making good money has almost turned into an obsession. He resents his life and what he does, but still takes a certain pride in always delivering his goods alive. He drowns his self-loathing in an endless stream of cheap alcohol.

Suffering from a mysterious wasting disease, Feif looks older than he actually is. His hair started to turn gray long before he even paid for his first kiss. His cold, dead fish eyes hardly seem to blink at all, their empty stare effectively hiding the emotional chaos that torments his fevered mind. Scrawny-looking with an unhealthy complexion and usually drunk, he is often mistaken for a dirty bum. He speaks in a low but raspy voice. Attention makes him nervous.



Jorm Angelino n’Gauchi

Jorm Race: Human
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 140 lb
Languages: Taldane, ?
Worships: One single deity that overshadows everything, Asmodeus (PF Wiki, FR Wiki)

I have no family left all has been sentenced to death and executed by the church, damn them all. My father and older brother where first to go. Then my mother, although insentient. And now me that bastard night has killed my family but now he has planted his last seed. He is going to pay. someone near to the family is responsible if I only could figure out whom. They will pay! I will send their souls to hell to be tormented in all eternity. My father was the chief librarian of one the ruling families. His aim where to plant the seed of doubt and appreciation of Amadeus in the ruling class family children. His plan failed. It was to slow. To inspire the lower classes to overthrow the damned king is the right way to approach this. Now is the time to strike.

Hobart Mason

Race: Dwarf
Age: Adult
Height: Fairly short for a dwarf
Weight: Slightly overweight
Languages: Taldane, Dwarf, ?
Description: Short with a stocky build, somewhat portly. Very muscled arms and a wide chest. Moves
surprisingly deftly for a dwarf of his build. Poorly made tattoos over his arms and legs (dwarven runes for
those who know the language). Peppery, stubby hair with a long braid in the back. Peering, shifty eyes that
rests occasionally on people in his surroundings as if measuring them up, gives away a cunning mind behind them.

Glaive de Molardi

Glaive de Molardi.