Friedrich Reinhessen

Current Career Wizard’s Apprentice
Previous Careers None
Age 21
Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)
Height 5′6″ (168 cm)
Birthplace Hochland

“Friedrich was brought up on a root vegetable farm in the heart of Hochland. The youngest of three sons, he wasn't brought up to take over the family business. While his knack with numbers was utilised to a certain extent, he was more or less left to his own whims.”

+5+10+15+5 +2 +1
5241 1

Basic Skills

Advanced Skills
Common Knowledge (the Empire)
Speak Language (Reikspiel)
Academic knowledge (Magic)
Magical Sense
Speak arcane (Magic)
Speak classical

Acute hearing (+20 listen)
Savvy (I +5)
Petty magic (Arcane)
Very Resilient (T +5)
Aethyric attunement (+10 Channelling/Magical sense)

Ragnar Gudman

Age 33, Initiate
Blue eyes. Black hair. Height 5'11 '. Weight 155 lb. Huge nose. Born in the sign of the Great Cross and raised on a small farm in Wissenland. Has older 2 siblings, Richter who died in conflict with chaos in the north together with my sister's husband Leif. My widowed sister Greta has now run the farm and the care of our ailing parents. Became a novitiate of Sigmar's cult early in life advocated by the local priest. Later recruited to the feared Order of the Flame. As one of the three major orders, it is not well-known to the general public. It protects the empire from corruption, charged to search and destroy Chaos dark seeds wherever they are. Although most empire citizens have never heard of the order, without its protection, the Empire may have fallen to the Dark Powers centuries ago.

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
52 33 41 32 24 36 36 24
+10 +5 +5 +10 +10 +10
57 46 41
1 11 4 3 3 0 1 2

Basic Skills

Advanced Skills
Academic Knowledge (Astrology)
Academic Knowledge (Theology)
Common Knowledge (The Empire) +10%
Read & Write
Speak Language (Classical)
Speak Language (Reikspiel)

Public Speaking
Resistance to Poison
Sixth Sense
Very Strong
Warrior Born

Skullcap, jerkin and leggings of leather.

Kurt Steiner

Current Career Sergeant
Previous Careers Militiaman
Age 21
Weight 160 lbs (73 kg)
Height 5′8″ (173 cm)
Star Sign The Two Bullocks
Siblings Karl 23, Willy 17, Herman 13, Rebekka 5 (all deceased)
Birthplace Schweinhofen, Ostland

“It was my baby sister Rebekka’s birthday. I remember how she smiled at us, and how happy she was about the new rag doll that Mom had made for her. That same afternoon, the hordes of Chaos swept through Ostland and destroyed our village. My brothers, like the rest of our ragtag militia, were massacred. It was utter carnage on the streets. A team of panicked horses finally ran me over and I was flung to the ground, face down in the mud. When I came to, no one in Schweinhofen was alive anymore, not even my Rebekka. I can still see her, so damn little and helpless, clutching her rag doll as the walls of our burning house collapses around her. She was five years old that day. The worst day.”

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
54² 35¹ 40¹ 44¹ 48² 27 36 34
+20 +15 +10 +10 +10 +10 +10 +20
1 13² 4 3 3 2
+1 +4

Basic Skills
Animal Care
Gossip +10%
Outdoor Survival

Advanced Skills
Common Knowledge (the Empire)
Dodge Blow
Speak Language (Reikspiel)
Trade (Carpenter)

Specialist Weapon Group (Two-handed)
Strike Mighty Blow
Very Strong

Wulf Wagner

Human – Bounty Hunter

Drong Orzadson

Dwarf – Mercenary


Halfling – Rogue


Gottcon 19–22 oktober 2017

Handout 1

Gottcon 10–13 maj 2018


An offer from the local Toll Keeper.

Handout 2

Handout 3

Gottcon 15–18 november 2018


Frau Gertrudt and her missing chicken.

Old man Eysen.

Lucas and Lennhardt Von Speier.

The Vampire.

The Reaper’s Bounty.

Father Johannes and Nils.

Lorinoc and the Wood Elves.

Handout 5

Handout 6

Handout 7

Gottcon 14–17 februari 2019

JW 50

The town of Gootten.

We came to an agreement to aid the Wood Elves in their endeavour to kill Karl. We were asked to survey the camp. After receiving our report, they said they’d create a diversion and then do the dirty deed on their own. We were asked to control the detained priest of Sigmar and his novice helper in sight of the camp. Before the Elves had time to infiltrate the camp, we were attacked by an Undead hoard. Friedrich could overhear the leader of the attack mentioning that the attack should be called off because his master said it was enough of a diversion. If this implies that it was part of the Elves’ plan is unclear; why would they use forces of evil and why not inform us of their plans? We fought most of the Zombies and Ghouls but were succoured by troops from the camp that had heard the clamour of the raging battle. The two Elves that had been part of the battle escaped as soon as the troops arrived. We were “persuaded” to join the troops in their return to the camp.

Father Helmut and Karl.

Lord Eisenbach.


Captain Krieger.

The grisly remains of a mutated sheep in the woods.

Friedrich overhears a secret meeting between our pursuer and the butcher (a spellcaster, “report to the master”).

Captain Krieger and his thirty guards are being set up and killed, presumably by Vanderpeer.

Gottcon 24–27 oktober 2019

The Crusade reaches Altdorf, but the authorities there refuse us to enter the city.

Vanderpeer takes Karl with him and slips into Altdorf unseen.

Vanderpeer and his men (disguised as witch hunters) torture and murder Ansel Vorman, the vigilante known as the Vengeance of Sigmar.

Evidence in one of Vorman’s journals points to Ruhrhoff, a small village in Hochland about 350 miles northeast of Altdorf.

The Necklace of Unfailing Loyalty.

While making preparations to travel to Ruhrhoff on a river barge, we are suddenly being attacked by witch hunters.

Handout 10

Handout 12

Handout 14

Gottcon 6–9 februari 2020

“Tobias” = Vanderpeer?

“Ruprecht” = Ruprecht Hahn, the cult’s leader.

We discover that the village of Ruhrhoff has been razed to the ground and does not exist anymore. Uli Ghetz, the store owner in nearby Kietchdorf, gives us directions to Villa Hahn, an abandoned and allegedly haunted manor near Wolfenburg in Ostland.

Villa Hahn. A Beast of Nurgle and its daughter, a young burglar, the ghost of Ruprecht’s mother (“Kill the killer!”), and a hideous mutant lurking in the wine cellar (Ruprecht’s father?).

We search the manor. The taint of Chaos is apparent in every room. We find three journals, two by Ruprecht Hahn and one by his brother Erich. According to the journals, Ruprecht’s secret temple is hidden somewhere within the hedge maze on the grounds outside.

Handout 16

Handout 17

Handout 18

Handout 19